Written by Robert Mlinarec

Published by HDKDM, HR 2016.


Allegoric story about humans, its lifes and diversities among people. Main line of the story is weaved around central figure, Kumar, which is in focus from childhood till mature age. His minds and way of life are divided between Indian and Western philosophy. Surreal moment in story is that Kumar don’t  know when he is real person or person in dreams.

“… Vanda has no fear of empty space and her drawing respects the writer’s space because the picture book is the work of two authors in which everyone deserves his or her own space, perfectly integrated into a beautiful visual whole.”

– Expert committee of the Grigor Vitez award for 2016  –

Grigor Vitez Commendation Award for Illustration, 2016

Sheep in a Box Award Finalist for the Best Croatian Picture Book in 2016/2017