ULUPUH Picture and Word

Multimedia project of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Artists) in the framework of the Year of Reading programme
27. 11. 2021


The Year of Reading ULUPUH marked with an interesting project of dressing contemporary Croatian literary works in the new robe. Contributing to the project Picture and Word members of ULUPUH with their costumes and illustrations have given new flavour to some contemporary stories and characters. In this virtual Year of Reading, we invite you to see and hear a unique combination of arts.

Project authors: Vanda Čižmek i Silvija Šesto / CATCH THE BLUE BEAR FOR ME, Iva Šimunović Lisak / CIRCUS, Katarina Radošević Galić / WOMAN FOR YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW, Nataša Rašović bodiš / SHADOW, Ivana Bakal / MONOMNIC ME, video: Tomislav Marić, read by: Silvija Šesto and Boris Bakal.

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