15 titles shortlisted for GRIGOR VITEZ award for 2020
Union of „Naša djeca“ associations of Croatia

April, 2021


Five of the books illustrated by me are shortlisted by the Expert Comittee of Grigor Vitez Award for 2020 – in both categories (text and illustrations):

THE ALPHABET OF THE UNLOVED ONES by Silvija Šesto (published by Semafora), RECEPEE BOOK FOR NAVIGATING THROUGH CHILDHOOD by Danijela Pavlek (pubished by HDKDM), THE TROUBLE OF AN EMPEROR by Melita Rundek (published by V.B.Z.), POSTAL DELIVERY FOR LI by Elizabeta Končić Trlek (published by HDKDM) and WHAT I LEARNED BEFORE I STARTED SCHOOL (MOREOVER, I DID IT ON MY OWN) by Andrijana Grgičević (published by Ibis grafika).

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